8th International Conference on Language, Literature, Linguistics and Communication 2021(Online)

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KEYNOTE I – “The World as Archipelago? Reading Spanish American Literature in the 21st Century”

Dr. Kristian Van Haesendonck (China)

KEYNOTE II – “Postmodernism and Literature”

Prof. (Dr.) Jagdish Batra (India)


Session : Language & Literature 1 - Prof. Dr. Simon Kim (South Korea)

“Using Ancient Myths to Tackle Today’s Reality – Zeus in Fiona Benson’s Vertigo and Ghost”

Session : Language Education & Teaching - Lynsey Mori and Dean Williams(Japan)

“Connecting the dots; how sustained autonomous inquiry can lead to conceptual change concerning the importance of cultural pluralism”

Session : Language & Linguistics - Camille Monderin (Philippines)

“Emerging Netspeak Word Choices in Social Media on Filipino Pop Culture”

Session : Language & Literature II - Artur Skweres (Poland)

“Play as one of coping mechanisms of the isolated individual in Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend and its film adaptations”


“Challenges & Issues in Teaching Language & Literature during Pandemic Time”


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Artur Skweres Poland
I awaited your prestigious conference for a long time. It gave me great satisfaction to partake in it.
Dean Williams and Lynsey Mori Kyoto, Japan
We wish to express our deep appreciation for the expert organization and leadership of the conference. It was an absolute success, smoothly run, and I am quite sure all the researchers came away from the event well satisfied. Everyone involved with LLLC2021 learned a great deal.
Alexandra Juster Spain
It would be my greatest pleasure to meet next year face-to-face, no computer and virtual meeting can replace face-to face interactions.
Camille P. Monderin Philippine
Many thanks as well for organizing such a great event.
Alankrita Bhattacharya India
It was a pleasure to be the part of the conference.
Dr. Saed Shahwan Saudi Arabia
I really want to thank you for all the efforts in organizing the conference.
Newton Ranaweera Canada
Thank you for arranging such a great conference.
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