Language, Literature, Linguistics & Communication 2020 Conference Singapore

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Dr. Ramaratnam, Vice Chancellor JK University, India


Prof. Donathan Brown
Rochester Institute of Technology
New York

Dr Lesley Ljungdahl (Australia)
Formerly School of Education
University of Technology, Sydney

Prof. Mylene A. Manalansan
De La Salle University

Dr. Brown, Charles Allen
Associate Professor,
Communication, and Tourism Studies,
Hokkaido University, Japan

Professor Emeritus Jagdish Batra
Founder Head of English Language Centre
O.P. Jindal Global University, India


Prof. Donathan Brown (USA)

Dr Lesley Ljungdahl (Australia)

Dr. Ramaratnam (India)

Prof. Brinda J. Mehta ( USA)

Prof. Reito Adachi (Japan)

Dr. Mar Galindo Merino (Spain)

Prof. Shobha Shinde (India)

Dr. Dale Konstanz (USA)

Prof. Bas Aarts (United Kingdom)

Prof. Akemi Matsuya (Japan)

Dr. Ahmed Elnimeiri (UAE)

Prof. Manalansan Mylene  ( Philippines)

Prof. Dr. Gunawan Suryoputro (Indonesia)

Prof. Jagdish Batra (India)

Dr. Charles Brown (Japan)


Language, Literature, Linguistics and Communication Conference 2020 in Singapore

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