11th International Conference on Language, Literature & Linguistics 2024

"Narrative in the Digital Age: Exploring Language, Literature, and Linguistics in the 21st Century""

This theme would focus on the profound impact of digital technology on how narratives are created, disseminated, and interpreted in the modern era. It would encompass a wide range of topics related to language, literature, and linguistics, providing an opportunity for scholars and enthusiasts to explore the evolving landscape of storytelling and communication in the 21st century.

Main Sub Themes of LLL2024

  •     Linguistic Diversity
  •     Literature in Translation
  •     Oral Traditions and Storytelling
  •     Language Acquisition and Education
  •     Literary Genres and Movements
  •     Literature and Technology
  •     Digital Humanities in Linguistics and Literature
  •     Linguistics and Cognitive Science
  •     Indigenous Languages and Literature
  •     Language and Power
  •     Literature and Identity
  •     Language and Gender
  •     Stylistics and Poetics
  •     Historical Linguistics

The 11th International Conference on Language, Literature & Linguistics 2024 will be facilitated by the following eminent academics.

Dr. Donathan Brown- Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity at Northeastern University, USA

Dr. Ching-Ying- Deputy CEO of AI Digital Transformation Research Center, National Pingtung University, Taiwan

Dr. Mark Yul -University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA

Dr. Ramaratnam, Vice Chancellor JK University, India

Dr.Kristian Van Haesendonck, University of Sanya, China

Abstracts are accepted as long as presenter time is available or by 30 May 2024 at latest. All submissions will be reviewed and acceptance or rejections is based on many  factors. Notification on acceptance will be forwarded within 5 days after the submissions.

You are welcome to LLL2024!

Dr.Prabhath Patabendi

Convener LLL2024





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