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Virtual presentations open doors for publication of your abstract and/or your paper without attending the LLS2019.

Who can register as ‘virtual presenters’:-

1) If your abstract has been selected for Virtual Presentation - you should submit your full paper and/or PowerPoint presentation before the deadline

2) If you wish to publish your paper in the conference publications, but have difficulties to attend the Conference in person – you should submit their abstracts for review before the deadline

Virtual authors can submit PowerPoint presentations in addition to the paper submission (optional). These presentations will be uploaded in the ICRD YouTube conference link or Slide Share link. So that conference participants will have access to all virtual presentations during and after the conference.

Visit YouTube link:

Visit Slide Share link:

The Virtual registration includes the following:

1. An abstract book (PDF) with ISBN number
2. Review your paper (if you submit before the deadline)
3. Publication of your paper as part of the conference e-volume ( online with ISBN)
4. A letter of acceptance  ( if you submit your paper )
5. Upload your presentation slides to the ICRD YouTube or Slide share link (Optional)
6. Opportunity to forward your paper to reputed journals
7. Receive  the abstract book (PDF) & letter (PDF)  immediately after the conference by e-mail

Publish your paper without attending..................

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