Semantic phenomena articulated in the poems included in “Puranaanuuru”

Literature is the wonderful source which reflects the anthropological aspects, social aspects and linguistic aspects of the people who lived in different historical periods. They prove the higher values which were practiced among the communities. Literature created during the Sangam period are classified into three:

They are: Pattuppaattu, Ettuththokai andPathinenkiilkanakku. Among these literature source the set of books called Pathinenkiilkanakku are being considered as they belong to Sangam period and some other scholars have classified the period to which they belong to as next to Sangam period/Sangam maruviya period. Sangam refers to the place where confluence of scholars who worked together for the purpose of analyzing the structural properties and literature of Tamil language.Puranaanuuru is one of the sources of Classical literature which includes the poems of having the main content of praising of kings who had ruled the great kingdoms, small kingdoms, Donors, Soldiers and Poets. One hundred and fifty seven poets had honored one hundred and seventy eight outstanding people. The book has four hundred poems including the poem of praising the almighty God. This paper investigates the semantic phenomena of the poems included in one of the classical literature called Puranaanuuru.

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