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(Forward your abstract to: )

You must submit an abstract for approval first. The abstracts of full research papers, theses and dissertations, case studies, research proposals, research in progress, ongoing projects are accepted for presentation. Abstracts should be related to any of the areas listed in the conference website as sessions/topics. The abstract is expected to meet the academic standards. Apart from that, profiles of the authors should be sent along with the abstract.

Please Prepare Your Abstract in the Following Format:

  • Topic/Title: - Bold, Times New Roman, font size 12, centered
  • Names of Authors: - First author’s First Name, First Author Last Name1; Second             author’s First name, second author’s Last Name2; and so on
  • Name of the University or place of work: - 1Department, Organization, Country

2Department, Organization, Country

  • Corresponding Author: -name and email address
  • Contact details of the Authors: - email addresses: - (1) Academic: - (2) Alternative
  • Text: - Font & size: - Times New Roman font, size 11, Single paragraph


  • Line Space: - Single space
  • Word Count: - 225 words excluding Topic, names and keywords
  • Abbreviations should be defined at the first time they appear in your text before being used as an abbreviation. g.: Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO).
  • Do not define or use abbreviations in the title.
  • Do not include complex mathematical formulas, footnotes, endnotes, references etc. in your abstract. You can include them in the full paper.
  • Do not include tables, charts or other graphics in your abstract.


  • Keywords: - Three to four (3- 4 words)
  • Presentation Theme/Session: - Please select the most suitable theme.
  • Presentation preference: - Oral / Poster/ Virtual
  • Profile: - Please follow the instructions given below.

Useful Information to Prepare Your Abstract

  1. The language of the abstract is English
  2. Abstracts should be submitted via e-mail as an attachment in Word format.
  3. One registration will only cover only one presentation..
  4. Name or save your abstract indicating your name: g. De Silva_Ajith_abstract.doc
  5. Send your biography (no more than 70 words) with your abstract


Please submit your Biography/Profile in the following format:

  1. Name: Please write your name the way you want it to appear in the conference certificate

E.g.: 1. Title /Last Name/ First Name: - Dr. Smith, John

  1. Title/ First name/Last name: - Dr. John Smith
  2. First name/Last name: - John Smith


  1. 2. Present Position/Department/Organization/City/Country:

(E.g.-1. Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Institute of Human Develop and Training, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

(E.g.-2. Senior Research Assistant, Institute of Human Develop and Training, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

  1. Profile: -(maximum of 70 words):

Write a brief note about yourself giving details about your nationality, current employment, education background, affiliations and your accomplishments, recent presentations and publications etc.

After Submission of Your Abstract

  • Notification of acceptance/rejection of the abstracts will be sent by e-mail.
  • The conference committee reserves the right to decide on the acceptance/rejection of the abstract and the method of presentation
  • The abstract of the registered authors will be published in the conference book.
  • By registering for the conference, you grant permission to the organizers to publish the abstract.
  • The invitation to submit an abstract or the acceptance of an abstract does not constitute an offer to pay travel, accommodation, registration fee or any other costs.
  • Payment of registration fees is necessary to participate or to present at the Conference or to publish your abstract in the conference book

Forward your abstract to:    


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